OLA SuperConference 2009

OHLA Ontario Health Libraries Association


Thursday, Jan. 29 

9:05 – 10: 20AM
Continuing Education And Self Learning  – What Role Can Library Play? 
Presenters:  Jami van Haaften, Lynda Parks Sahadat & Jo-ann O’Connor
Convener: Kim Aslett

Session # 306
Building:  MTCC
Room # 201A

Abstract: Many organizations identify continuing education for staff as part of their mission statement. What role can your library play in meeting this strategic objective? We offer traditional support for continuing education through various means – journal club reading lists, literature searches to support presentations, table of contents circulation, etc. Let’s take this a step further. Find out how your library can support and foster continuing education and professional development activities in your organization by using existing technology.

Prospect Researchers: What You Can Do With Your Information Skills
Presenters: Rachel Caldwell,  Kim Wachta and Stephanie Hilson
Convener: Gail Knaggs

Session # 403
Building:  MTCC
Room # 202D

Abstract: Prospect researching is an exciting new career opportunity for library professionals. This is the true story of how experience in law, business and academic libraries enabled Kim Wachta, Stephanie Hilson and Rachel Caldwell to become catalysts for philanthropy as Prospect Researchers at McMaster University. Their message – you can do it too.

Critical Appraisal: Building On Basics
Presenter: Melanie Browne
Convener: Barbara Scholz

 Session # 609
Building:  MTCC
Room # 201E

Abstract: Librarians are increasingly expected to include critical appraisal in their portfolio of expertise. In this session we will provide critical appraisal tools that provide thorough, generic lists of questions that one would ask when attempting to determine the validity, applicability and appropriateness of a study. If you have a basic understanding of what critical appraisal involves and would like to build on what you know, or are simply curious to know what else you should learn to increase your competency, then this session is for you.  



Friday, Jan. 30

Rapid Response Health Technology Assessments: Speed Versus Systematic Searching
Hayley Fitzsimmons
Convener: Melanie Brown

Session # 1011
Building:  MTCC

Room # 203D

Abstract: There is a growing demand for rapid response reviews from health care administrators and decision makers to support quick decision making and tight timelines. This session will discuss search techniques used by the Information Services department of the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) to support the rapid response reviews produced by CADTH’s Health Technology Inquiry Service (HTIS).

2:10 – 3:35PM
The Development and Practice of Courageous Leadership
Joy Richards
Convener: Kim Aslett

Session # 1211
Building:  MTCC
Room # 201E

Abstract: There are few more universally admired human characteristics than courage. Every identified culture and historical civilization appears to attach great significance both to acknowledgment and exemplary displays of courageous acts and courageous individuals. Yet, what exactly is courage and how is it acquired? The purpose of this presentation is to explore the notion of courage development and practice, particularly as it relates to female nursing leadership in Canada, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the phenomenon.

The Evolution of Email Reference: Is it Really Here to Stay?
Presenter: Gillian Griffith
Convener: Penka Stoyanova

Session # 1308
Building:  MTCC
Room # 206F

Abstract: In addition to our students and faculty, Bracken Health Sciences Library serves a number of clients through our partnerships with health care institutions in Southeastern Ontario. Regardless of location, our goal continues to be to provide our diverse clientele with seamless and equitable access to customized information services such as access to electronic resources, training, document delivery, information and reference services. As a group of GenX librarians, we have witnessed a remarkable shift in the provision of reference services over the past few years. Our goal will be to explore the challenges posed by email reference, specifically the reference interview, record-keeping and user expectations. We will also examine the current state of email reference in light of ‘new’ alternative modes of communication e.g. IM and texting. 

Saturday, Jan. 31 

Keep or Cancel: Evaluation of E-Journal Bundles at a Hospital Library
Presenter: Barbara Scholz
Convener: Gurvinder Batra

Session # 1717
Building:  MTCC
Room # 202C

Abstract: Case study of e-journal bundle usage at Baycrest Staff Library Services. Presentation will provide instructions on how to use Excel spreadsheet functions to analyse COUNTER Journal Report 1, and how this information can be used to inform the decision of whether to keep or cancel specific e-journal bundles. Topics will include: calculation of return on investment, analysis of duplication both between e-journal bundles and between bundles and the collection of individual subscriptions, the proportion of “junk” and embargoed titles in e-journal title lists, and the problem of shifting e-journal bundle content from year to year.


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